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Welcome to the Australian Frozen Zoo

Our Mission.

Our mission is to preserve living cells and genetic material of threatened and endangered Australian native animals for future research and breeding programs, and to become a hub for scientific research into the reproductive biology, ecology and genetics of Australian fauna.

Our services.


We offer short-term and long-term storage of frozen samples from native species, exotics and rare animals on behalf of Zoos, Universities, conservation organisations, commercial groups and the Government. To find out more- click here.


Members of the AFZ are available to provide consultations on breeding programs, sample collection, cryopreservation and assisted breeding methods including IVF. To find out more- click here.


The AFZ is advancing the conservation of Australian species through research collaborations. To find out more- click here.

Keep in touch.

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Get Involved.

If you are interested in supporting our mission to protect Australian fauna, please contact us or donate today.

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